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luis fonseca
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Check this video, then check the paper given by your tutor "Why Ethics" Chapter Seven: Working. Retrieved from Wegman B. et al (1996) Areading skills book, mosaic two. 3rd edition. Boston, Chapter seven, p.175.

Once you have developed the exercises on pages 179 and 180. express your own opinion about this topic.

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Have you ever seen "Monsters Inc." ? well, this film gives us a great opportunity to understand how a company is organized, and how it creates policies to keep itself alive. In addition, it shows some unethical behaviors inside the company. At the same time, it displays some ethical conducts as a way to conteract or attack ethical miscondoucts.

Check the following video, then express your opinion about the main problem, and, if the solution is the appropriate. Do not forget to give or present reasons. 

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Go to the following link, read crtically, asking questions about it. then Share with your classmates.



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Marian Correal
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knowing the good way for doing something, it is dificult if you have to look for the benefit of the company and the consumers' benefit . When you are in that kind of dead end making a desicion can be the worst thing that you can do , however, in the most of the cases you have to do it, but you have to keep on the etichs line. 

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Ethical behavior is important for the reason that it defines our own life. Even when on relatively rare occasions someone is caught in an unethical behavior, this action generates consequences for her or him. Moreover it brings some inappropriate consequences to his or her environment as an inadequate example to follow.

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