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Do you know your nextdoor?

What do you know about your neighborhood?

How about learning about your neighborhood and its people?

Well, This blog will help you to learn not only English but also the peolple you live within your neighborhood. The activities are designed to walk around and gather information step by step to build up a whole picture of the place where you are you living now.

The following video shows an old song played long time ago, but it can help us to understand what we can find when we walk in our neighborhood. Check it out, then write some similarities you find when you walk in your neighborhood.

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Well, Nice song, isn't it?. What similarities did you find with your own neighborhood? Post some of them in this blog so that we can talk about them.

The following video uploaded in Youtube can give us a wide idea about living in Santa Ana, California. Check the full video. Write down some ideas about this place. Then, check it again and pay full attention to the details people mention. then, post what you like and what you don't like.

Now, the video below show us a very different place, Jamaica. Once you finish watching this video, Compare them with your own neighborhood and write the similarities and the differences you find. Upload it.

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Listing the song and find the right word, choose the word that fits the best. Pay attention the consonants and vowels to find the differences. To be success take into account the context and the meaning of the word.


Look at me

I will never pass for a perfect _________            Bribe / Bride

Or a perfect daughter

Can it be

I’m not __________ to play this part?                  ment / meant

Now I see

That if I were truly to be myself

I would break my fam’ly´s ________                   hard / heart

Who is that girl I see

Staring ____________                                           straight / stir

Back at me?

Why is my reflection someone

I don’t know

Somehow I cannot _________                            hide / hive

Who I am

__________ I’ve tried                                            daub / though

When will am inside? When will my reflections show

Who I am inside?



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